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Fact, tools and tips to protect your confidential information from attack

Safety First!
Cybersecurity attacks continue to rise every day. In this modern world of online and mobile banking there is a fine balance between ease of use and information protection. Penn Community Bank is dedicated to assisting its customers in protecting their private information.

Here are some tips and tricks you can utilize every day to help protect your private information.

Whether it’s an email, text message, social media account, improperly protected credit card machine, take the time to THINK:

Trace the source – Ensure the source of the request is legitimate.
Hide your credentials. Keep user names and passwords confidential.
Intelligently use online forums – Whether it is online banking or your social media page be careful when logging on in public spaces using public networks.
Notify the proper authorities and key businesses IMMEDIATELY in the case of Identity Theft.
Know your cyber footprint and the risks it may cause.

Educating yourself about different forms of attacks can have a significant impact on increasing protection for your personal information. Take a look at Penn Community’s promise to protect your financial information and steps you can take to ensure your security.

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